Dealing with the Challenges of Child Custody

Sep 23, 2021

When a parents reach a point where they can no longer remain together, divorce, or breaking up, is usually the next logical step. If there are children to consider, custody arrangements are an essential part of the process. The best interests of the children, financial support and shared parenting are just some of the factors that parents need to work out.

Despite how divorces, or break ups, involving children are represented in popular media, it is possible to resolve disputes and come to agreements. During this difficult time, you deserve to receive support. And, ensuring that your children are cared for and nurtured is integral.

Custody Arrangements

Although you may wish to share parenting in ways that are best for your children, competing parenting ideas can result in disputes, such are who makes decisions on behalf of the children, where are the children going to reside, and how will their financial needs be meet.

When there are disputes surrounding decision, custodial arrangements, and financial support an attorney can be a part of that integral support.

Navigating Divorce in Minneapolis

The complexities of your divorce, or break up may leave you feeling overwhelmed. That is why it is important to consider consulting with an attorney. I have experience in helping individuals navigate all the considerations associated with child custody after a relationship breaks down. My approach involves natural compassion for clients and any children involved in a divorce.

Please call if you need help and representation in Minneapolis. You can get through a divorce without compromising the emotional wellbeing of your children. Our team at DeWitt is here to support you throughout all legal stages of your breakup.

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