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Lindsey M. Anderson

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  • J.D., magna cum laude, Marquette University Law School
  • Certificate in Litigation
  • B.A., University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


  • Wisconsin
  • U.S. District Court for the Eastern & Western Districts of Wisconsin

Lindsey focuses her practice in the area of family law.  She helps individuals in all walks of life, whether retired and involved in a long-term marriage, or a young couple seeking a divorce, to navigate family law issues including separation, divorce, custody and placement, child support and maintenance.  Clients with few assets as well as high-net-worth individuals navigating asset division and support issues have turned to Lindsey for guidance. She also handles mediations for represented and pro se parties and assists clients with adult and minor guardianships and adoption.  Her tenacity, intuition and professionalism have been strengths her clients rely upon. 

She currently serves on the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Crime Victims Council. The Crime Victim Council functions on a continuing basis to study and recommend solutions and policies that support victim-centered practices within the justice system.  The Council seeks to support victims and allied professionals by providing information about best practices and self-advocacy tools for victims.

Lindsey volunteers countless hours of pro-bono work.  While working pro-bono for victims of crimes, Lindsey was part of a precedential victims’ rights case through the non-profit group, LOTUS (Legal Options for Trafficked and Underserved Survivors), which involved a ground-setting decision by the Crime Victims’ Rights Board (CVRB). The CVRB reviews and investigates complaints filed by victims of crime regarding crime victim rights. The matter involved the first time a victim in Wisconsin has ever had representation at a CVRB and the Board determined that a District Attorney’s office violated a victim’s rights at a sentencing hearing.

Prior to joining the firm, Lindsey completed a two-year clinical in the Milwaukee District Attorney’s office, where she is on the record prosecuting child abuse and neglect cases, felonies, and misdemeanors. She also successfully completed a Guardian ad Litem internship at the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee where she first-chaired and prevailed in a CHIPS trial.


  • Milwaukee Bar Association - Bench | Bar Committee
  • WI Department of Justice Crime Victim Council - Member

Awards & Recognitions

  • Wisconsin Rising Stars®  (General Litigation) - 2023
  • Wisconsin Rising Stars®  (Family Law) - 2022
  • 2019 Jack DeWitt Pro Bono Award

Client Recommendations

Absolutely Brilliant - "Lindsey is an absolutely brilliant, smart, caring, and wonderful Attorney. I hired Lindsey to help us with a 20 year old child support arrears case that I failed miserably to handle myself. We were on a deadline to resolve this case because we were trying to close on our home. Lindsey along with her kind and assuring nature, as well as her legal strategy and creative tact, found solutions through her contacts in the child support system. She never gave up and always kept me fully informed on the good news and the bad. She negotiated a settlement with the state and pushed the paperwork through and we were able to get it done exactly on time! Because of Lindsey and Melissa's hard work and determination we were able to satisfy this judgment and are currently moving into our new home. This amazing legal team went above and beyond what I ever expected, and their actions have truly changed our lives forever. Thank you so much!!" – Child Support Client

Very Prepared - "Yesterday was a very long and tough day for us, but you stayed the course throughout the process. Lindsey, you were very professional and cool while being attacked by the other side. You were way more prepared and organized than the opposition and shut them down on many issues. Thank you for having trust in me. Great job! Thank you again." – Divorce Client

Excellent Family Law Attorney - "I hired DeWitt to represent me in a contentious litigation matter, which also involved the custody of my son. The firm and Lindsey were responsive, effective and a tireless advocate on my behalf. Lindsey is skilled, fair, aggressive when needed, and ultimately its attorneys helped me to resolve a long-simmering matter with professionalism, care, and as cost-effectively as possible. I strongly recommend the attorneys at DeWitt and Lindsey."  – Divorce Client

Quick and Efficient "I hired Lindsey to update and solidify the stipulation for my son's placement until he is an adult! What I admire about Lindsey is that she came up with solutions so that both parties are satisfied, and most important, in the best interest of my son. We were all able to resolve the matter fairly quickly with little drama. I have already recommended Lindsey to people I know." – Child Custody and Placement Client

Surpassed All Expectations-Amazing Family Lawyer - "Lindsey went above and beyond with her professionalism, knowledge, and expertise in a family court-post divorce matter-dealing with a variety of issues including child support and custody issues.

She helped us surmount getting through this sensitive time with her kind demeanor, care, compassion, and strong knowledge of the law, all backed by DeWitt Law Firm. Greatly noted was her assertiveness and perseverance, which prevailed throughout the entire time that she represented us, hence the success in our case. She has tremendous care for what she does and is fully invested. She was always as cost-effective as could be. In addition, she was very effective in understanding everything that was at stake.

Lindsey put every effort that she had in to this case and exceeded any expectations that we could’ve had throughout. Our only regret was that we didn’t hire her sooner." – Family Law Client

Very Attentive - "Lindsey is Fantastic! She is able to work quickly and under a lot of pressure. Even with very short notice, she was on point! Has very good suggestions on how to proceed with sticky situations and has a lot of knowledge of the laws." – Family Law Client

Divorce - "Lindsey was very attentive to what I was seeking in my divorce and she was a nice sounding board for me while going through a difficult process. She was thorough in all her prep work and detail oriented when reviewing submissions from the other attorney. Lindsey continually kept me updated but did not over bill for any of her work. I would highly recommend having Lindsey on your side!" – Divorce Client


Refreshing Guidance - "Lindsey Anderson was recommended to me by a family friend.  From day one, she made me feel comfortable and exponentially more confident.  In terms of assets and money I felt things were fairly straight forward. I was most concerned with issues pertaining to my children. I made this very apparent to Lindsey immediately and she took every necessary step to honor all of my requests.  Not only did she steer me in the correct direction regarding the children, she was persistent in guiding me to stick up for myself financially.  It is definitely not an easy process and I truly never thought I would be in this situation.  All of that said, I would have been lost without her lead.

Mrs. Anderson became my lawyer, my representative, my therapist, and by all means my friend throughout my divorce.  She was blunt, but extremely thoughtful. She put me in my place when I needed it. She taught me how to stand my ground when all I wanted to do was throw in the towel.  She followed through with absolutely everything I could have asked for.  I have to imagine that with undeniable repetition, some divorce attorneys can easily lose sight of the impact this has on their client's lives...not once, did I ever feel that Lindsey was unaware of the effect this had on my family.

Wholeheartedly, I would recommend her services to any person going through a divorce.  There is nothing fake about Lindsey and her attitude was the refreshing guidance I needed." - Divorce Client

Notable Representations

  • Prevailed in numerous trials related to guardianships, maintenance support, and legal custody and physical placement issues
  • Worked with a Marine Corps veteran to navigate child custody, maintenance, divorce, asset divisions and other issues related to the acrimonious dissolution of a long-term marriage
  • Experienced representation of contested and uncontested guardianships.  Assisted with numerous guardianships for both adults and children, often while working with nursing homes that need protective placement for their residents

Service Area Subspecialties

  • Family Law
    • Minor & Adult Guardianships
    • Surrogacy & Adoption