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Our team of intellectual property attorneys are internationally recognized leaders in the field, having been acknowledged by IAM Patent 1000, IP Stars, Martindale-Hubbell, and World Trademark Review. We collaborate with clients worldwide, providing comprehensive legal services related to intellectual property. From patent and trademark prosecution to trade secret licensing, we prioritize helping our clients maintain a competitive edge while safeguarding against intellectual property infringement. Our experienced attorneys are adept at guiding clients through the complex patent process, protecting international rights, resolving disputes, and addressing various issues associated with business processes, innovation, ownership, know-how, and entrepreneurship. We continuously strive to stay at the forefront of our practice, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Our client base is diverse, ranging from non-profit organizations and universities to large corporations, international clients, and individuals. In addition to serving clients in the United States, our Intellectual Property Group has a strong presence in various countries including the United Kingdom, Monaco, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, India, Canada, China, Taiwan, and Sweden. Distance and location are not barriers to our exceptional client relationships, and we maintain close connections with representatives in most foreign countries.

We are fully equipped to handle all of your intellectual property needs on a global scale. Whether you require assistance with patents, trademarks, copyrights, acquisitions, litigation, licensing, or deal brokering, our highly qualified and successful team of attorneys and patent agents is ready to assist you.

Additionally, we have a dedicated IP Litigation group that specializes in resolving intellectual property disputes. When faced with an IP litigation issue, our experienced team has a strong track record of successfully representing clients in federal and state courts across the United States. Whether it is patent litigation, post-grant proceedings, trademark or copyright disputes, opposition and cancellation proceedings, or any other IP litigation matter, our seasoned attorneys possess in-depth knowledge in all aspects of intellectual property procurement, protection, and defense.

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