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From land acquisitions through zoning appeals and commercial to residential contracts, the attorneys at DeWitt can help you build success. As one of Wisconsin’s top law firms, with offices in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison and Minneapolis, our attorneys have experience as urban planners, authors of legislation and astute business owners. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and resourceful.

We offer legal counsel throughout the entire building process. This includes land acquisition, zoning and planning, environmental issues, compliance, construction, and design contracts ranging from buildouts of individual leased space to major public and private projects, financing services, dispute resolution during construction, employee benefits and employment relations, OSHA compliance, intellectual property, governmental agency negotiations, and more.

As an active member of the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance, DeWitt is committed to integrating green development in our communities. Implementing green features in new developments or in the restoration of an existing building is now a given. Our attorneys have been at the forefront of identifying the opportunities and the risks associated with green building projects and help private developers to design strategies to minimize the risks.

Our attorneys have experience dealing with a broad array of  issues ranging from residential real estate and sustainable development to wetlands, shoreland zoning, water use and stormwater management.  We also provide legal guidance in the areas of experience listed below.  

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