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ChatGPT Writes a Poem to Celebrate Employee Ownership

Oct 25, 2023

We asked ChatGPT to write a poem to celebrate October as Employee Ownership Month.  Here is what it wrote:

In October's golden-hued embrace we find,
A special reason to celebrate, remind,
That this month, in a radiant, warming glow,
Is when we let the employee ownership spirit flow.

In firms and companies far and wide,
Diversity and unity side by side,
A shared vision and a common goal,
Where every worker plays a vital role.

It's Employee Ownership Month we cheer,
For we know the strength is crystal clear,
When those who toil are also those who steer,
The ship toward a future free of fear.

No mere cogs in the corporate machine,
In this world, a new light they've seen,
Ownership, the gift to empower,
A place where every voice can flower.

It's not just profits that we share,
But dreams, hopes, and a common care,
To build a workplace where all belong,
A testament to unity, steadfast and strong.

In October's breeze, with leaves ablaze,
We celebrate these exceptional days,
For Employee Ownership Month is here,
A time to cherish, to hold dear.

So raise a glass, let the banners fly,
To those who aim for the endless sky,
Employee owners, we applaud your grace,
In October's warm and welcoming embrace.